yes, even in I have deep moments.

  1. My children are teaching me tolerance ~ I can tolerate them running and screaming through the house for about 3 hrs.
  2. My tolerance is not yet perfect ~ after about 3 hrs, I am forced to find them each separate jobs so that they will be quiet and stop running.
  3. Knitting is teaching me patience ~ I can wait almost forever when I have my knitting with me.
  4. My patience seems  conditional ~ if the kids are with me, or if I don’t have my knitting, my patience is apparently absent.
  5. Knitting has also taught me that time is relative ~ when knitting a sock, those first 8 inches seem to just fly by, but that last inch, though worked at the same pace, can take hours.
  6. There is no such thing as too much yarn ~ just trust me on this one. And don’t ask how much yarn I own.
  7. I love my extended family, and sometimes I love them more the further away they are from me.
  8. In some ways, I am a very old fashioned woman ~ I love cooking, canning, putting up food, making things “from scratch” as in not using mixes, taking care of my family (though the whole washing dishes by hand thing, it is for the birds)  and just in general being a homemaker.
  9. In other ways, I am very modern ~ I love my computer and internet, and I am not willing to give them, or my cell phone up. (mind you, cell phone is our only phone, we gave up a land line years ago)
  10. Knitting has taught me to plan ahead ~ it is easier to use up extra yarn than to find more of the same color and dye lot to finish a project.
  11. I have learned that beauty is relative ~ I have a red circular shawl pinned to one wall, I knitted the shawl, and dyed it myself, I am very proud of it and I thin it is beautiful, I have had people ask me why I have a huge doily on the wall.
  12. I have learned that by the age of 3 children can no longer hear the sound of their mother’s voice.
  13. A child who loves to read is a gift, though sometimes you may wish that she reads slower, so that it is easier to keep her in reading material.
  14. A child who doesn’t love to read, sometimes just hasn’t yet found something she enjoys reading.
  15. Time spent reading is never wasted. Trust me on this one, ignore the rest of my family.