It has been a day so far.

I have worked on sorting out items from a co-op I have co-hosted, still waiting on shipping supplies. but we got some of it sorted. The girls helped, I would sit with a box and my spreadsheet, and tell them how many of what item to bring me, and I would pack it into the boxes. We will finish a soon as shipping supplies get here, both boxes and customs forms, because some of the participants are overseas with military.

We got a movie in today’s mail, it is 2 Fast 2 Furious, which I have not yet seen, mostly because it doesn’t have Vin Diesil in it and what is the point if there is no Vin? But #4 came out on DVD, and Hubster is being stubborn about watching #4 without having seen #’s 2 and 3… *sigh* men.  I am sure that once he gets home we will have a marathon, not only of these movies, but of all the things I have recorded over the last 3 weeks. He will want to catch up.

I have battled the laundry monster. He was threatening to eat my house again. I am always shocked at how much laundry a family of 5 can produce. I have more in the washer but it will have to wait until after 7 to get dry.

I mixed up pizza crust, I talked the girls into pizza pockets for dinner. I will make small(ish) circles of dough, add the toppings each child wants, then fold them up and bake. Great  personalized pizza meals. This way, I can make mine with mushrooms and far less sauce than the rest of the family likes, I swear they want so much sauce your toppings slide off. So we put together 4 pockets… 1 for each kid and 1 for mommy…

I have cleaned up some of the scattered mess that three kids always creates, but I am sure there will be more later.

Maybe after my house apes are in bed I can catch some TV and maybe do some knitting. I am not holding my breath.