We discovered as soon as we moved in, that five large windows on the west side of the house lets in a LOT of heat. The three good sized ones on the east side let in a bit too, but not as bad as the west side.  So we did some research, we could get blinds,  or thick curtains, for the inside of the windows, but because of the size, that would cost around $500, and then you have a pocket of heat between the curtain/blind and the glass, which over time, causes damage, degrades seals, etc. We discovered that the best way to cut heat is to stop it before it hits the glass, and one of the most cost effective ways to do that, is with solar screening.

So I looked online for what it would cost us to order the screens to fit our windows, and I called a local company Arizona Window Coverings (no web site or I would link it,) and they came out and did a free estimate. He said he would put removable solar screening, custom made to fit the windows, on all 10 of my windows (not just the 8 problem windows) for $745, installed.  After a bit of deliberation, Hubster and I decided to go with that, so we made the order. The company uses Pfeiffer SunTex screening, which is available in 80% and 90% options, in a variety of colors. We opted for 90% to block out as much of the heat as possible (I am very sensitive to the extreme heat around here,)  and Stucco color, partially because of my logic that black screening would let in a bit more heat, no telling how much, but some. Plus, with the sand storms we have been having here lately, the black would turn dusty and gray.

All of the colors are easily seen through, and let in plenty of light, though the 90% offers  slightly less visibility, and slightly less light, I still have lots of light in my house.

They installed my screens yesterday, and I took down the sheets I had stapled over the windows (to help block out some of the heat, it helped, but tons) and at 4pm in the afternoon, when my front room has been so hot you couldn’t walk through it for the last month, I could stand in my front room, in the light coming from the window, and not be hot, I touched the glass, and it was warm to the touch, but not hot… my outside temperature at that time was 118F, on the east side of my house.

I can already tell you that this is going to dramatically cut my electric bill, from not having to cool as much alone. I love them, I highly recommend to anyone who lives in a desert climate.