I got the water hooked up to my refrigerator  yesterday, it was making ice all night long, but I couldn’t get the water dispenser to work (bottom mount fridge, with a chilled water dispenser inside the left door.)  Thinking it was just  air in the system, Hubby and I stood there for several minutes holding the button down, trying to bleed the air out and get water. After a while Hubby decides I need to pull out the fridge, to make sure there is not a kink in the hose (why that would stop the water to the dispenser but not the ice maker, I have no clue) so I pull out the fridge, and we discover that there is water all over the bottom of the inside of the fridge. We pull out drawers, and start soaking up water, and I discover that there is a leak where the water reservoir is for the dispenser. Not something I can fix easily, not something I can even see well without taking things apart, and I am SO  not doing that to a refrigerator that is all of a week old.

So Hubby calls the store. They don’t have any more in stock won’t until Tuesday. In the mean time, turn off the water to the fridge, and they will come trade them out Wednesday.  Ok, we can do that…  Hubby continues with the day, starts to get ready for work… while he is in the shower, the salesman from Lowes calls him back. Apparently this model of refrigerator is on sale this week, for $500 less than we paid for it 10 days ago. He tells Hubby to come down, and buy a new one, on Wednesday, they will deliver the new one, and pick up this one. At that time Hubby will follow them back to the store, and return the malfunctioning refrigerator, for a full refund of the price we paid, because we have the receipt.  So Hubby makes the trek down to the store, does the transaction, ends up getting the extended warranty, not only for the fridge, but the stove we got 10 days ago as well, and still saved $200 over what we originally paid. (Sale price was only $450 less what we paid because Lowes offers a 10% military discount, that we had used.)

Over all, it is a bit of a hassle, and an inconvience, but, we got a much better deal, and we are satisfied. I am very happy with their customer service, providing we have no issue returning the malfunctioning refrigerator, I would have been satisfied if they had just replaced it, the advice on how to save the $ pushed me into very happy. I will continue to use, and recommend Lowes.