Why do I feel like the powers that be in our country, namely the current administration, are trying to pull the wool over our eyes?

We are having a huge national emergency over a disease that has infected many, and is confirmed to kill 10. TEN. Oh my word, call in the National Guard it is a pandemic. /sarcasm

So far the US government has considered closing the border to the most infected country (Mexico) but hasn’t actually done it. If it were as bad as they are perporting, the borders would already be closed. They are recommending closing schools when there is a single confirmed case. Way to close the barn doors after the cows are out. By the time the child in question shows symptoms and is tested and confirmed, it is too late, half the school is exposed and possibly infected. If the threat is as real as they are making it out to be, the schools would already be closed.

Now, while the government has been distracting you with exagerated reports of an extremely (not) deadly flu, what have they really been doing where we can’t see? This is what really worries me.  Any ideas what they are really up to?