we have had a little bit of difficulty with the house, the bank that owns it told us there was a ‘title problem’ and they wanted to extend the closing date to June 30, which means we need to arrange to get an extra month here.  Well, not knowing what the title problem was, we were leary of agreeing, basically, blind, with no clue WHAT the title problem was. So we spent several days just waiting, before they finially got back to us, there is a lien on the title, which they will take care if, it just requires extra time.  We did agree to the later closing date, with the stipulation that if closing goes later, though no fault of ours, than they pay our inspection fees.  Which is reasonable, now we are waiting to hear that the bank has actually signed the contract so that we can actually schedule the inspections. Sometimes I think it would be worth it to just hire an attorney to handle house buying, but it would jack the prices up much higher.

In general life, not tons happening, my son turned three this week, and in just a few weeks my oldest, my baby, will be 9. How does this happen so fast?

I spent the first couple of weeks this month just kinda blah. a little bit of knitting done, very little reading, But I did get some house work, and I spent a lot of time driving my kids nuts!! That is always fun.