We have been house hunting. Shopping around online, been out and looked at several houses with the realtor several times. Well, Yesterday we saw a house that we really liked, at a price that was perfect (Right in our range, and actually an excellent deal for the place), we were the second people to view it, (it had JUST hit the market) we LOVED it, great condition, huge lot (.39 acre), close to great schools, we decided to put in an offer, on the way back to the office, our realtor called the lising agent and asked if there were any offers on it yet, there was one being faxed in at that time. We get back and as we are working up our offer, another agent, whom we had seen at the home, was getting ready to write up an offer for her client. So, we knew before deciding how much to offer that there were 2 others putting in offers at the same time. When we put in our offe, the deadline was 3pm today. At about 5:30 this afternoon our realtor called. They accepted our offer!!! We start escrow on Tuesday, scheduled (currently) to close on May 15, that gives us 2 weeks to move before our lease is up here.

I am very excited, but also dreading packing all this stuff up!!