through spring break. The girls go back to school tomorrow, and I am so glad. They spend most of each day making a mess and driving me crazy, so that I spend most of each evening, trying to get theem to clean up and be somewhat quiet.

On the plus side, my 7yo’s reading has really improved while she has been home. The first day home for reading time (I require that my kids who are able to read settle down in the evenings and read at least 30 minutes a day, right now, it is done after the toddler is in bed.) I told her no more baby books, no more simple stuff like Seuss, she needs to pick up a chapter book and read. When she told me she didn’t know what to read I made her grab Little House in the Big Woods and start reading. We have the entire set, so she can move on to the next one once this is finished.  After two weeks, she is a little more than half way through, which is not at all bad for a first grader!

My 8yo decided she wanted to read the books that the series she has been watching on TV, the Legend of the Seeker, is based on.  This is a book series that my husband has been obsessed with for years, so I directed her to him to dig out the first in the series, Wizard’s First Rule. She is only about 100 pages in so far, but it is a BIG, adult read, it will take her a while.