Hubby’s siblings decided several years ago that they needed to start celebrating a holiday together, that would get them together once a year, so that they could see each other, and their children had some clue who their cousins are.

The first year it was held at one brother’s home. We went. Hubby’s sister went. But the other brother had an excuse. We all had a good time, all was good.

The second year (last year) Hubby’s sister hosted. The first brother had a valid reason not to be able to  make it, dr’s orders not to travel. We made it up, but again, brother #2 had an excuse, even though he lived less than 2 hrs away.

This year, it is our turn to host. It is supposed to be a big year, not only is Hubby’s siblings coming but his Aunt and Uncle are planning on coming, and bringing Hubby’s mom too.  Hubby has a previous engagement the weekend of the holiday, so he contacts brother #1, and his sister, but is unable to contact brother #2, and his mother is unable to be reached as well. All able to be reached agree to shift to one week later and still hold the celebration. Slowly, over time, Hubby’s sister is starting to feel she is unable to make it. And his Aunt, Uncle have backed out as well, which means his mom won’t be coming either. So, as far as we know, only one brother is supposed to be coming. After some discussion, the brother’s agree, it would be best to hold off until later in the year, when possibly, at least the sister can come too.

Now, I have to admit, I really don’t find fault in the reasoning, but I am not at all shocked that when the time comes for Hubby to host, no one (or few) can make it.

And I wonder how things will go next year, when it is time for the brother who has never bothered to show to host. I think that will go over like a lead balloon.