it is FINALLY in my yard.

camp trailer

We no longer have to spend a hundred dollars a night on a motel room to go visit my family, or his. We can go away for the weekend with out haveing to worry about where to come up with the money for a hotel room.  Camping with 3 kids has just been  made easy.

We have plenty of extra space for family to come visit us too!

I have already started shifting things that will stay out there. Bedding, extra board games we don’t use often, my cast iron cookware. And I have a list of things we need to pick up for it. I am gonna pick up some super cheap plastic dishes from the walmart summer stuff to stay in there, and I will have to pack food  and clothes every time we use it. But I am hoping to use it several times this summer, if only to escape the heat in the third circle of hell.