I have a large amount of cotton yarn around the house, and in an effort to work on knitting down my stash, I determined I needed to make something from it. I always need more shopping bags, so I started on this, and I really like it. So I decided to post the pattern, incase someone else likes it as much as I do.

grocery bag


Cotton yarn, I used Sugar N Cream Confectioners colours. it took about 7 oz,

size 9  24″ circular needles, DPN’s of same size if you don’t magic loop.

stitch marker

Cast on 9 stitches, join, being careful not to twist, and knit one round.

place marker so you know where round begins, yo,k1 around (18 st), k3 rounds. yo,k1 around (36 st), k6 rounds. yo,k1 around (72 st), k 12 rounds. yo,k2 around (108 st), k for 3 inches, begin lace pattern.

Lace pattern:

R1: yo,k2tog around

R2: k around

repeat rounds 1 and 2 until lace measures 12 deep, garderstitch (k 1 round, p 1 round, repeat) for 1.5 inches.

Straps: on a knit round, k16 stitches, bo 38 stitches, knit 16, bo 38, you should be back to your first set of 16 knit stitches, knit these, then turn and purl them, continue knitting in stockinette stitch until approx. 20 inches long, kitchener to the 16 stitches still on the  cable on other side of bag. Weave in ends.


shopping bag, filled, has a box of saltines and two canisters of oatmeal, still has lots of room.