today, well, more accuratly, over the last couple of days. I have thought about it carefully, I have not eaten much sugar, or even simple carb’s so it doesn’t appear to be a blood sugar problem. ( I am known for having blood sugar issues, have for the last 20 years) The only 2 remaining things that I can think of that may be causing it, are

  1. Hormones, I recently (two months ago) got off of hormonal birth control, after having spent two and a half years on it. But it was an extremely low dose, so I am not sure if this would be effecting me, especially two months later.
  2. My husband. I am not angry at the world the way I usually am when I have a blood sugar issue, I am angry at HIM. Today I have done lots of alternating between being angry at him, I mean so mad I want to walk up and kick him or punch him in the face, and depressed about him, to the point of tears, and I am NOT a crier. I am not sure if it may be partly him, and his behavior, which I won’t go into here, or if it is just me.

I am also sure that part of the problem is not enough sleep. I regularly wait up for him to get home, usually between 10:30 and 11:00pm, then we sit up and watch tv together for a bit, before I crash, prolly about half the time alone. Not tonight, I am unhappy with him anyway, and I have decided I am not waiting up for him, I will go to bed and see how he appriciates it.