I got a treadmill for Christmas, it is a high quality, fairly quiet machine, which means I can actually watch TV while I am on it. Now to find something that will totally engross my attention to watch while I am on it.

Last night I found the end of Independence Day, and that worked well. Which got me to thinking… What movies do I have, or can I get, that would totally distract me from walking nowhere (I hate the boredom of walking somewhere too, I am equal opportunity anti-boredom.) I sometimes read, but the corner where my treadmill is set up is kinda dark, plus with the motion of walking, reading gives me a headache.

Well, this morning I was doing my usual, getting the majority of the housework done before power rates skyrocket at noon, when I remembered the one commercial that I really LOVED during the Stupidbowl on Sunday. The commercial for the new movie Fast and Furious with Vin Diesel. I was so excited, I LOVE the first movie, and the second and third, with out Vin, just SUCKED.  Which lead to the thought, that THAT is the kind of movie I need for when I get on the treadmill.

So I went and dug out the original movie, and I will use that when I get on the treadmill in an hour or so, but one movie isn’t gonna last forever, I am gonna need several, if not lots, more.

Anyone have any suggestions?