I have busy days and not so busy days. Any day that my husband is home is a busy day in an entirely different way than days when he is not home. When he is not home I do things like laundry, dishes, cleaning up the house, etc. When he is home we try to do things together, or as a family if the kids are not at school, we catch up on recorded programming, we play games, chase each other around the house, make trips to the library (I only do that when he is home and I don’t have to take the 2yo with me, I take the older kids, he stays home with the toddler.)

Things like errands don’t only happen when hubby is off, but do usually wait until he is home, since most days he doesn’t go to work until noon (and gets home around 10pm) this is not too difficult. But occasionally I do have to take the small monkey out with me. If it is just him, it is not that big of deal, it becomes an ordeal when I have to take all 3 with me. Sometimes I swear the bigest mistake I ever made was teaching the kids to talk.