I realized last night that in my grocery shopping I had forgotten milk, and we were down to our last gallon *gasp*. Also, just over a week ago my husband had me go get ice for some reason that I don’t recall, so I picked up a 20lb bag, which is only slightly more than a 10lb bag. and instead of lasting a day and a half it has lasted us a week (I know, I really don’t get that math either, but it did.) so I picked up another today, at that rate, it is still less than $10 a month on ice, I can do that.

I also decided yesterday that I would make up menus and follow them, it will save us some money in the food budget and maybe help us out some.

I am still working on that baby blanket, but I am past the half way mark now and that means it is all down hill from here, decreasing instead of increasing, it takes a *little* bit more thought, but not much.  And I can continue reading… I am hoping to get this done before the weekend, I really want to finish these socks.