I am usually not one to make New Year Resolutions, I believe vowing to make major changes in your life one the day of the new year is setting yourself  up for failure. However, I don’t mind setting goals for myself. I don’t just do this at New Years, I do it regularly, they just get more publicity on New  Years. This year a friend asked for yarn/fiber related ‘resolutions’ or goals… so after a bit of thought I came up with some.

  1. I want to knit at least one pair of socks a month for me. Socks for other people don’t count, at least one pair FOR ME, each month, that will give me 12 by the end of the year.
  2. I want to finish my green zephyr shawl, I am working on the last round of edging, and have been for three months now.
  3. I want to finish the felted backpack I started for my son. I just have about 4 inches left to knit on the strap (a tube 15 stitches around.. fun) then to felt it and final assembly.
  4. I want to work on using up some of the 30 lbs of cotton I have stashed, whether I trade it or use it, I need a great deal of it gone, that huge amount of yarn is weighing on my conciseness when I want to buy something.

See, those are not that unattainable, actually they ar e pretty easily done. Let’s see if I can actually manage them.