my two week restrictions on sex after my surgery is lifted… any guesses on how I woke my husband up this morning?  We were also told to use protection until I have my first period, just on the off chance that I had already ovulated, we don’t want a fertalized egg to implant. So, since I hadn’t been able to make it to the store for any other method, we used condoms we had left over from after my son was born (yes, I checked the date, they are good for another 18 months.) I was reminded yet again how much I detest condoms, it is like screwing a balloon, major loss of sensation. So when I went grocery shopping this morning I found another method.  Condoms relegated to the corner of the drawer again… they are good for covering toys for easy clean up,  if not for much else (to me.)

Needless to say, since I got some this morning, I am a much happier person. The week of torture with my mother in law would have been easier if I hadn’t been on sex restriction… damn bad timing.