my son LOVED his race car bed, I believe we will have no difficulty getting him to sleep in it, (he is still camped in the girls room for the remainder of mother in laws visit)  The girls were thrilled with their hauls too, and have spent the last day and a half trashing my house with all the new toys and stuff.

My oldest daughter got me the robe I have been drooling over, the younger one got me the new Mummy movie, and my son got me a scented candle (yes, I actually like them! he even (with the other’s help) got me a fruity one which is what i prefer to floral scents) Hubby got me a crock pot cook book, I love it, it looks like great fun, and in my stocking he stuffed a Nancy Drew computer game. Now if only I can figure out what is wrong with the dvd drive on my computer… it is a driver issue and I am getting , frustrated with it, it may be time to dig out the disks for this computer (eeks that was 3 moves ago, can I find them?) Oh… have I mentioned my big gift? Hubby got me a new treadmill, so far, I love it. it is huge, but I still love it. *sigh*

My husband and Mother in law leave for the airport in about 12 hrs, and my mom will be here this evening, as we are having our BIG family meal on Saturday with my mom and my FIL and his second family, that is 12 for that meal. We are making a big turkey and another meal almost like Thanksgiving.