ok, total story. We placed an order on Nov. 27th, for a Step 2 Race car bed and a matching tool chest dresser. I got an email on 12-4 saying the dresser was there, would be availible for pick up until Dec 25th, and on the 10th I got an email saying the bed had arrived and would be availible until Dec 31st. Being that these are Santa gifts for my 2 year old, we decided to wait to pick them up until Christmas was almost here, so we would have a much shorter amount of time to hide them.

So, late last night (10:30) we borrowed a truck and went over to pick them up (in theory that late at night the store would be less busy and we wouldn’t wait as long.) So we walk into the store and hit the site to store area at the back of the store, and hit the associate call button, and began to wait. And wait. and wait. We had at least 20 associates walk past us, my husband and my father in law both walked all the way back, into the ‘associates only’ area and saw people standing around, laughing and joking, and we waited over 20 minutes for someone to come help us.

When someone finially arrived they went to the back to look for our two items. She came back with one, but told us that the second wasn’t there… when we asked for a refund on both items (why would we take a dresser to match a bed that didn’t come?) She had to call an assistant manager, who processed the refund on the bed, but we had to go to the front of the store to get the money. We followed the manager to the front of the store, he asked a returns clerk to process the other refund, and went and got me the cash for the bed from the cash room.  The clerk processes the return, but does not give me the money. I stand and wait, and wait and wait, and finially ask for the money, he says, he gave it to me. I said no, the assist. manager gave me the money for a seperate return, there were 2 items… it took another 10 minutes for me to finially get my money, I was irate. We got out of the store at midnight.

This morning, my husband starts to hunt for another bed in town, several phone calls, he finially goes out, planning on walking into several furnature stores in town. He decided to go back to walmart and make a complaint to the manager. He gets through the whole story and the manager agreed with him, the way it works ,you don’t get an email until the item is scanned arrived at the store. So the manager and someone else went back to look again, and lo and behold, they found the bed. But the box is beat all to hell. So they pull the bed from the box to see if and how much damage is actually done. There is a dent in one of the side panels, do we really want to pay $400 for a damaged bed? As we were considering it, the store manager offered to knock $50 off the price of the bed. I took it, the dent isn’t that bad, and really looks more like body contouring. Plus the manager had given my husband a $20 gift card to help make up for the extremely poor customer service we got last night.

So, in the end, we do have the bed, and the dresser. But it took like  4 hrs to get it. I am not completely happy, but will survive, and I MIGHT even go back to that store in the far future.