for a quick, desperately needed project.
I have noticed recently, when I spend much time at all standing in my kitchen or dining room, the ankle I twisted a year and a half ago starts to bother me. Last night I had to mix up and bake a batch of cookies to send to school with my oldest daughter, and in the hour that it took to get those done, my ankle was killing me. So I decided I need a rug in there, and a fairly thick one.

So after a bit of thought, I pulled out some of the 30lbs of cotton yarn I bought a few months ago (I have actually found lots of uses for this, blankets, rugs, etc.) in a color that is nuetral, it is a light brown and white twist, and I wound it into balls with my yarn winder. The I dug out my largest crochet hook, it is this huge plastic q hook. the handle is bigger around than my thumb! I strung 4 strands of yarn together and I started  crocheting, it is a simple rectangular pattern,  in nothing but HDC. which makes it thick and soft, without being nothing but holes, and once washed, a lot of what holes are there now, will close up, because cotton yarn shrinks when washed. I am almost done (I started it last night) it is gonna end up being about 3 1/2 feet long by 2 feet wide, which will work well for standing and working in the kitchen. And I have used almost two full skeins (like 12 oz each) to make it. I am very happy so far, let’s see how it feels when we stand on it.