of school left. Then my two older children will be out of school for winter break. Winter Break here runs from December 12 (last day of school)  until January 5th (first day back to school) so we end up with almost a month out of school. I may go insane!

However, it will be good in some ways. My 8yo is a very helpful child, she will often wake up in the mornings when her brother wakes up, and keep an eye on him while watching cartoons, letting me sleep a little more. She will often offer (beg) to fix dinner for her sister, brother and herself. Usually something as simple as Bean Burros, or a pasta side.

Plus, she will help me cook for Christmas, and the family coming to visit. And I like to cook, lots of treats, cookies, candies, fudge, etc. Plus a big dinner spread on the day of.  And putting together packages to give food away.