Hubby tells me yesterday that he wants to bring his mother down for Christmas. so we start looking at schedules and such. We wanted to fly her down the monday before, and send her back on friday. But she can’t get a ride to the airport on a weekday, even the week of  Christmas, so  it looks like it will have to be Sunday-Saturday.

Mind you, an hour in this woman’s presence makes me want to drink. Plus, the only days my husband will have off are Tuesday and Wendnesday, so he will go get her early Sunday morning, get back to the house with her and immediately have to leave for work. Work again 2-10 on Monday, off Tues and Weds, here for present opening and working again 2-10 on Thurs and Fri. Then will take her back to the airport early Saturday morning, rushing back to be at work by 2. (it is a 2 hr drive to the airport).

She is very much a drama queen, everything is about her, she must be the center of attention or she has failed in life and raising her children, etc. etc. etc. So, this is what I need. I need to come up with drinks that I can have alchohol in, but not be obvious it is alcohol (so no blended stuff). If I mix myself a drink in her presence, she must have some, and lecture me about drinking too much, plus her psychosis only gets worse with alcohol. I am gonna hide alcohol in my bedroom, so I can slip in there with a glass and spike what ever I am drinking. but the key is… what should I make?? I have a bottle of Pomegranite Schnapps that I add to cranberry juice, but that won’t last a week, and I will get sick of them. Give me some ideas.