with the huge hype around the Twilight books, I read them. I was unimpressed, they weren’t *bad* per say, but they weren’t particularly good either, and definitely not worth the huge hype going on about them. Among the hype, I have heard several people ask how appropriate they are, and this leads me to what I have been thinking about. I am thinking I may do as my parents did when it comes to censoring my children’s reading. Don’t. I am not saying that my parents let me read porn. But within limits. Basically, if I was interested in it, and it wasn’t porn or erotica, I was allowed to read it.  I picked up my first Dean Koontz book when I was 9, and LOVED it. Also available in my parents house were Anne McCaffrey, Jude Deveraux, Julie Garwood and Johanna Lindsey.  I think I was about 13 when I first read The Stand by Stephen King.

I believe that by telling a child / teenager that a book is forbidden only makes it more enticing, but if you tell them they can read it, it has less draw. For this reason, in MY house if the child can find it, they can read it… and the erotica will be kept well hidden, and passworded (since my erotica is ebook format.)