I don’t know about anyone else, but my holiday meal memories are, to me, a bit different. I remember everyone being in a hurry and very very busy, and a bit stressed, trying to get everything done and on the table on time. But once it was on the table we had a great holiday. It may just be the magic of childhood memories, but now that I am cooking holiday meals, I don’t feel the rush, and the stress. I find that I have lots of free tme, and can spend lots of time with my guests.

I am unsure why the inconsistancy, other than maybe, about holiday meals, I am obsessive about planning. A couple of weeks before the meal, I start planning a menu, and from the menu, a grocery list. I do the non-perishable shopping at least a week in advance. And the perishable (veggies and such) a couple of days before hand, this way, if I realize I am missing something I still have time to get it. I bake all the deserts and such the day before the holiday, so I just have meal items to do day of. And I think one of the biggest helps is I do my turkey in a turkey roaster, depending on the temperature, usually out in the garage (so as not to heat the house anymore, it is hot around here!) and that leave the oven for other things like dressing, cassaroles, and bread.

I am still unsure why things seemed such a big deal to me as a kid, and now they seem so easy.. Maybe it is as simple as I enjoy the cooking?