isn’t that how all families function?

ARGH, my mother and sister are attempting to use it to convince me that I need to load my kids up and make a 6 hr drive, each way, for a 3 hr Christmas party at my sister’s house, because all holidays must happen at my sister’s house (do I need to go into this?) I have said we are not going to make it this year, for several reasons, one of which being that my husband is working, ( I have not yet mentioned that it will be just two weeks after my surgery, I am not going to want to sit in the car for 12 hrs!)  and by not trapping my children in the car for 12 hrs on a holiday I am hurting them, and all just to spite my mother and sister. *insert eye roll here* yeah. whatever, we will have a great holiday, whether they choose to attend or not (I am not going there, but they are welcome to come here, any or all, and not just at the holidays but anytime.)

Life goes on, and I don’t mind not seeing my sister or mother for the holiday. I do however regret that I won’t see my uncle.