very crazy.

My two year old is nuts. Just totally crazy. He loves, LOVES Little Einsteins, will litterally watch it for hours interacting and doing what they say.  He yells and plays and is so excited every time it comes on. He is quite amusing to watch when he is watching it.

This afternoon, after his nap, I told him he had to have pants on to go get his sisters from school and he ran for the door, then came back to get his diaper changed. But once the diaper was changed he ran and hid from pants, giggling the whole time. After I caught him and put his pants on him, he went and got his shoes and told me how they are cars with eyes the whole time I put them on him. Once dressed he climbed in the stroller and buckled himself in for the ride.

After we got home. he was chasing some toy that his sisters were tossing around the house, when he found a pair of little boys underwear, that I picked up in hopes of convincing it is time to use the potty, with the incentive of ‘big boy underwear’ that was a flop, but he wants to wear the underwear over his diaper, like pants. and he would not drop it. So he sat down and took his shoes off, and his pants and pestered me until I helped him put the shorts on. Then he grabbed his shoes and insisted that they go back on his feet. so here is this little boy, wandering around in a button up shirt, undershorts on over a diaper and Cars shoes.

Yep, he is totally nuts, but we love him anyway