and scheduled the appointment. A consult with my Dr. about getting a tubal. I have had several people ask why me instead of him, and I have several reasons.

#1. He works, I don’t, so he has to take little to no time off work if it is me (depending on scheduling)

#2. Recovery, according to what I can find, is about the same, about 2 days of no lifting and 4-5 additional days of taking it easy, light lifting.

#3. faster results. part of why I am so determined to get this done, is to get off the hormones, if I get it done I can have my IUD removed immediately after or during the surgery. If he does, then we have to wait until he tests clean, usually 6 weeks or more.

#4. He is a man. What man is eager to let some one take a sharp knife to his little buddies?

#5. (and this is really really minor, would be totally ignored if it went the other way) it is cheaper for me. Our insurance covers tubal ligation in full, because, even though it is outpatient, you are admitted to the facility. Where vasectomy is done in office and so you pay the office call co-pay, for a specialist, which is $20.

#6. I don’t piddlefart around. I want off the hormones so I called first thing and got the appointment. I will schedule as soon as possible, he tends to procrastinate.

So I will just get it done, then it is over and no one has to stress or worry or nag about it.