so, my third grader came home from school today. She tells me they are studying weather and she has to write a report about whirlpools. ok *gasp* a report in third grade. So I start her researching online, show her how to use google and word what she is searching for to find the results she wants. And she continues to tell me more about this assignment. She has a class of “27 or 28” students, and only 3 have been given this “extra homework”, when I questioned her about if the teacher said why they got extra home work, she says the teacher said that they were the only three students in the class who were “above grade level” I am pleased! Last year we had a problem with her teacher not being willing to challange her, and this teacher has been great about it.. I still don’t like the principal, she comes across as condecending and superior, but this years teachers are great!