I went in and they got me all ready for a crown this morning. The machine to do the in office crowns was down so they had to send out for one, so I have a temp and will go back in 3 weeks for my permanent crown.  But I had a largish gap between the crown tooth and the one behind it because of a chip to the tooth being crowned about 12 years ago, so they are building up the crown to eliminate that gap. Unfortunately, over the last 12 years, the gums have built up and kind of invaded that space and needed to be cut back to make room for that crown…

They used this little electronic machine that kinda cut and cauterized at the same time, but it hurt. Even with the Novocain, the electric current through my gums, and the cutting hurt, but each individual thing was not bad. After that they had to take impressions and build the temp. and in order to do all this they had to dry the tooth and that cold air being blown on to it was a big shock to those cut gums.

By the time I got out of there I was ready to cry, it HURT, not that he wasn’t good, but the things he needed to do were painful, even with the Novocain still in effect I was ready to sit down and cry all afternoon because I just hurt so bad. So I came home and dug out the percocet I had left over from having 2 wisdom teeth pulled almost a year ago, and I took one of those. I feel much much better. I know the pain will come back, but I have more meds if I need them. I had originally kept the percocet for migraines, but I find it fitting that I end up using it for more dental work.

Once I get this crown in (it should be here in 3 weeks) I will be done with dental work until my next cleaning… YAY!!