and random thoughts.

I am feeling like I am getting things done today. I have swept and mopped my kitchen, and cleaned and swept the dining room, and picked up the living room, and gathered trash from the house and taken it out.

Finally managed to get a hold of my dad, he lives way out in BFE Nevada andI was starting to wonder if some extreme weather had taken out his phone.

Went to Alltel yesterday because my phone is being rotten. It only works when plugged in, as soon as I unplug it, it dies, I tried trading out batteries, and that did no good, so I took it in… It is under warrenty, so they are shipipng me a new one. While I was in there I looked at new phones, I renew my contract in January, and I have decided I want a bluetooth the next time around. Was talking with Hubby, he has decided he wants a palm type phone, which is fine for him, but I don’t want.. I don’t want to drain the battery on my phone reading a book, or my book by talking on the phone, then there is the music issue.. yeah, I WANT to have 40 million electronics.