other than walking, and since I try not to dwell on the evil, i won’t discuss that. Knitting and reading. I am still working on my pi shawl. but it is getting closer and closer to done. I am almost done with the second cake of yarn, and will start the edging with my third cake. Right now I am at 1152 stitches per round. and I won’t get any bigger around… except for the 4 I need to increase for my edging pattern.

I searched and searched. 3 stitch dictionaries and 3 pattern books plus Ravelry, to find the lace edging I want for my shawl. I finially found it, in Victorian Lace Today. It is a simple diamond pattern border, called a Torchon lace pattern. it should be pretty eas, and turn out great, now if only I can get it done!! I am so excited, I still totally love this project.