i am sick of being attacked for stating my opinion, I am sick of the people who feel they need to educate me until I see things their way (as if, because I do not share their opinion I must be a poor, uninformed hick). I am sick of people who quote  proven unreliable sources as proof of what they say, and then get pissed when you laugh at them. (legal advise on Wikipedia style).

When I apologize for stirring up drama, and state that I will be taking a break for a bit.  I make clear what I am apologizing for, it is not a YAGE, it is not a “I am sorry you feel that way.” it was an apology, it was very clear what it was. If you do not like it , oh the fuck well, ignore me, ignore the thread, go the fuck away, but leave me the hell alone, I don’t want to interact with you anymore. I am sick of trying to placate those who are never happy with anything but ripping people, usually me, to shreds. Then they have the gall to call *ME* miserable? To hell with that…

On with regularly scheduled real life… you know.. the one that matters.