um… not lots… lol

The girls are in school, have been for like 3 weeks now (no, I am not counting, to lazy) so during the day I just have hubby and a 2 year old boy… some days this is like having 5 2 year old girls!

Hubby has gone back to work (did you hear me celebrating? it got a little wild for a bit there!) so now he leaves the house at about 1pm and I get all of 2 hours to myself, that is IF my 2 year old naps that day, and that 2 hrs is usually spent cleaning up what ever mess that hubby and the 2 yr old have made.

Also with Hubby back to work, and the girls in school we are working out an exercise program, I desperately need to lose some weight, and hubby is a sadist, so we walk 2-3 miles minimum a day… in 90-100 degree heat, with 50% humidity ( yes, I am whining, live with it.) until when we get home and I collapse into a chair the muscles in my legs are still twitching, and this is after they spent the last half of the walk cramping.  I will admit, at least the sadist is pushing the stroller and not making me.

Then, when school lets out, unless there is some appointment we have to get to, I walk the half mile to the school and get the girls (again, pushing the slug monkey in the stroller) by then, it is usually pushing 110, and back again… do all the snack time and homework trauma. Then on to dinner, baths and bed.

When I do get time to myself to sit and do what I want I work on what ever project I am knitting on (recently my pi shawl

This is an early picture, when it was still pretty small, not that it is anywhere near done yet… but it is progressing. And the picture does show off the colors very well.. and being the Green Fiend that I am, I totally love the way it is knitting up.

I also read when I can, I am currently working my way through Laurell Hamilton’s Anita Blake series again. I love this series and anytime I want a simple, quick read I don’t have to concentrate on, I go back to these. Plus, some fictional charicter lust doesn’t hurt does it?