We have been having cat shit issues in our back yard again, so we have, again, taken to setting the cat trap (that the humane society recommended) in our fully enclosed back yard to catch the culprits so that we can take them into the humane society.

This morning hubby goes out to check it and found that someone had been in our yard and put a stuffed toy cat into the trap, along with a snarky printed letter saying how offended they were that we have a trap. We also found several rocks and other trash items, as well as FOOD… cookies, thrown into the yard. um.. yeah, lets help get rid of animals by throwing food there to attract them.

We contacted the police, not a lot they can do unless we catch someone at it. IF we can catch them, it is trespassing. Called the Humane society, we are fully within our rights to have a trap in our yard and turn any trapped cats over to them (not legal to take the animals out and kill them, not that I would)

Who enters someones enclosed yard to do this shit? I really could care less if you are offended that I have a trap in MY yard, you don’t want your cat trapped, keep them out of my yard. It is that simple. All the neighborhood cats shitting in my yard makes it an unsafe place for me to allow my children to play… sorry, my children’s rights trump your cat’s right to shit in my yard. get over it.