a new (to me) sock knitting technique… and it is one that I *LOVE* It is called the Afterthought leg technique. basically, you start with a toe up sock, only instead of turning a heal, you put another toe on the other end… this is called a footprint and they look like this..

then you pick up the stitches for the leg, and clip the stitch in the middle unravel the middle row, and knit up the leg, you can make the leg any pattern you want, and as tall as you want, it is a very versatile method. I particularly appreciate not having to turn a heel, and pick up gusset stitches, that always takes more thought that I want to put in at the moment that I get to them… the downside is a couple extra ends to work in, but I also don’t have to fight the gap from the sock gusset either…

Personally, I prefer a very short sock, so  here is my finished socks.