I spent 48 hours without once hearing “Mommy, I am hungry….”, “Mom, I’m bored…”, or “Mom, can I…..?” and no children fighting!! It was so nice.

I got to Phoenix on Friday afternoon, and the Double Tree Resort at about 3:30, I got checked into my room, and settled in there. Then went down to the Tempe Yarn and Fiber Retreat, met a bunch of people, and visited for a little while. At 7:00 we started the yarn tasting, I got to try seven new yarns that I had never seen before, and then we voted on our favorite. We spent lots of time seeing what everyone else was working on, there were some fair isle knitters, a couple of intarsia knitters, some working on sweaters, and some working on lace, even some spinners mixed in. We broke up about 10:30 and I went back to my room, took a bath and read a little bit. I listened to the TV some because the sound was not in sync with the picture and it drove me nuts, so I just listened while I read. I think I finally crashed about 2 am.

The next morning I went to the complementary breakfast with my room, and then back to the retreat (which was held in one of the conference rooms at the hotel, very convenient if you wanted to slip up to your room and take a nap in the middle of the day, or go play in the pool for a bit.) We had a very laid-back atmosphere, and mostly sat around working on our individual projects, and visiting with each other. The coordinators had a couple of tutorials that they were offering, but it was very laid back, if you wanted to know you just went up and asked, if not, that was fine too, no set schedule except for when the hotel served snacks and meals. In addition, the only other exception for schedule on Saturday was when they ran an exercise event, it was also mixed with a white elephant prize give-away. Everyone got a package, but you usually had no idea what was going to be in them, everyone got a small package of several yarns and a set of knitting needles from Universal Yarn Co. who sponsored the event. But we also had just random items in the bag as well. I ended up with a very pretty posey lapel pin, and a light up crochet hook.

I pulled out of Phoenix at about 10:30 Saturday evening, and drove home, pulled in here at 1:30 in the morning, which really isn’t that big of deal, I am up really late all the time anyway. The problem was that I had turned off the Air Conditioner when I left, and it took until 4 am to cool the house enough to sleep. So I ended up sleeping until almost 11am the next day.

I went over to my in-laws to pick up my son, he was spoiled, and had a total blast, and he was the center of attention to everyone there. I will go get my girls from my mom tomorrow, I talked to them last night, and they seem to be having just as much fun.