to the Wii craze. It is so hot here I can’t bear to drag myself out in this killer heat. So I sit here at home, dealing with kids, reading, and just not getting much exercise. I have been looking at Wii Fit for several weeks thinking it might help, and would be good exercise, but could I really justify that kind of money just for me???  Well, Hubby came home last night, he had been talking to a co-worker, and a superior at work, and talking about the different games, and how many people are ending up in dr’s offices with sore muscles from this game system, simply because they are not used to using those muscles.

So we discussed it, did a little shopping around online… and I went out this morning, hunting… Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us didn’t have them in stock, Target has no clue when they will get more, couldn’t find anyone at TRU to ask, and Best Buy will get more in on Sunday. So I hit Wal-mart. Wal-mart has 3 in stock, but no Fit. They do however have Wii Play, which has several games, and an extra controller. So I called and talked to Hubby. I could get the Wii there, and go back across town to the Target, that had the Fit in stock, or I can just wait on the Fit for a while and play what games we will have with the system (sports) and the Play. So I got the system and the Play, and decided to wait a bit for the Fit.

I got it home, and took about 20 mins to get it all set up, between wressling with kids and moving things to reach the back of my TV. and We started. I sucked royal ass at the tennis, but then.. I suck royal ass at tennis anyway, I tend to hit it too hard and drive the ball through the fence… it comes from playing baseball too long. Then we switched to the baseball… THAT was fun. I had a blast at that.  I have since played most of the games on both disks, loved the boxing, normally I am not much into boxing but it gave both arms a good workout… and I KO’d my opponent in the second round!

Now I can work with it a little each day, and hopefully lose some of this weight I have been fighting.