cause with only a few days left till hubby returns, something else WILL go wrong.

This afternoon I noticed that the carpet under my computer desk was damp. I asked the girls if they had spilled anything.. no.. so I start looking, go outside and the water spigot is turned off.. but hissing, it is leaking INSIDE The wall, and there is water dripping from the wall, on the outside of the foundation. First thing I did was call the land lord. Half an hour later they called me back. they will call some one to fix it, and the people to fix it will contact me… *sigh*

In the mean time, I can’t have my computer, and computer desk sitting on wet carpeting … hello… water and electronics do NOT mix well. So I had to re-arrange my computer area. SO much fun… ever tried to move a 7′ long, solid wood desk alone??? My back is killing me. I called and left Hubby a voice mail to call, but I am afraid of what will happen next.