for the first time in two months over the Father’s day weekend. I have only spoken to her maybe 3 times in that same two months, and that one visit was more than enough to remind me why I don’t speak to her often. At least this time, the whole visit was surrounded by family, so th worst she could do was treat me like a stranger, and not like she usually does, as the dirt beneath her feet.

I tried more than once to have a conversation with her, and she either totally ignored me, or she responded with a short, derisive retort, that basically said, without coming out and stating for the entire family, including our grandfather, that she has no use for me.

Fine. I am happier not letting her treat me like shit. I am a much happier person not letting myself be subjected to her venom and hate. Somehow, every time I see her, or she calls me (which, granted, is rare and only when she wants something) I am only reminded how much good it has done me, and my family, to stop working so hard to make her like me. Having her approval means nothing to me anymore, and this is a good thing for me!