ok, So I admit it, I have a problem. Well, I have at least two problems, probably more, but I am only discussing one of them here, right now at least.

I admit it, I am a bibliophile. Today is June 4th. Since the first of the month, I have finished reading 7, yes, Seven books. I am not talking childrens books, or highly technical crap, just novels, average, fiction novels. I will read novels on almost any subject, or genre, mystery, horror, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, westerns, I really am not all that picky.

I commonly stay up far later than I should because I am reading and lose track of time.

I am not yet ready to try to give up my addiction… but you know… admitting you have a problem is the first step right? I wouldn’t want to rush into the second step, of wanting to change, too quickly, these things take time. Plus… think of all the books I can read in the mean time?