on a 3 week episode of single parenting. We do this at least once every year, as Hubby goes to his National Guard Annual Training. Sometimes more for other training, whether with the military, or his civilian job. I like to use this time to get some major work done around the place. Spring cleaning type, clean out and re-arrange the garage, clean out the kids room, while getting rid of stuff.  Without hubby here to distract us, or interrupt us with *urgent* trips to the store for what ever frivolity, um, really important crap, um, item, he has thought up this time. I can get something accomplished, and some of the crap he refuses to throw away, gone, without him noticing.

Plus, I have the the trip that my older kids will be taking with  my mom this summer to use as a bribe, um, incentive, to help, if they work well enough, I will give them spending money for the trip. See, aren’t I a mean, um,  an enterprising mom?