my order… from knit picks… it is here. *said in best Igor (from Frankenstein) voice*

Ok, I admit it, I have a serious knitting/yarn problem, and you know, admitting it is the first step! Unfortunately, the second step is wanting to change, and I just haven’t gotten there yet. I am enjoying my addiction, um, hobby.

I got 4 cables, and 5 sets of needle tips, just in time too, cause I managed to borrow A Gathering of Lace this morning, so that I can make the Rainbow Ripple shawl out of it… and I was just waiting on my new needles to get here to get started. I won’t be making mine rainbow colors though, and I think I will dye it after I am done.

Now I need to go through my knitting tool box and see what needles I can get rid of (was planning on these knit picks options needles replacing a lot of what I have on hand.) Also between the Rainbow Ripple shawl, and my mystery shawl KAL starting in a couple weeks, I should be full up on projects for a while. and I can also revert back to dishcloths for short, quickly finished items when I feel that need. Current count on  dish cloths, after the 2 I finished at SnB this morning… 41.