trying to come up with something profound and deep to say about turning 30 today. I failed. I woke up this morning to my grandfather calling to tell me happy birthday, which I really appreciate, he has 5 grandkids, and 13 step-grand kids, and I am the only one he can remember when their birthday is. He knows about when all the others are, but he never remembers the exact day. (He has never been great with the passage of time)  So him remembering mine always makes me feel special.

The kids are out of school today (school doesn’t let out till mid June here) and I have them convinced that even the school district realizes that Mommy’s Birthday is a holiday, one of my better ideas. After that we got the kids all ready, and Hubby took us all out for breakfast.  So much nicer than having all 3 kids beg for something different, and hubby want yet another breakfast.

After we got home I went and hit the local Starbucks for a Mocha for hubby, black tea for me, and all the coffee grounds I could find. We are still gathering coffee grounds and spreading them on the grass to keep cats away. It is really working, but it takes a LOT of coffee grounds to cover a 1/3 acre lot. Plus, it is really good for the grass too.

I also managed to get a nap in this morning, before hubby went to work, it was so nice. The girls are watching TV in the other room, while the baby is napping. I think I may read and knit my afternoon away. and considering little pizza’s for dinner. hmm…