I did it . I finished the series (what has been published) before the new one is released. The new book Blood Noir, won’t be released for another two days. I am ok with that, I can get some things done around the house. Work on reading some of the stack of books I have sitting here, so that I can get them back on the Paperbackswap list. I also have to do really  mundane things.. like make a grocery list and go shopping and um… life… man.. I hate when life gets in the way of reading and knitting.

On another note. I have finished 35 dish cloths in the last few days.. ok, more like couple weeks. Hubby is asking me if I am planning on selling them. Hadn’t occurred to me, but since I pretty much came up with my own pattern, I can sell them of I want to. Which reminds me, I need to get pictures up and a post about my stitch markers.