one big difference struck me  up side the head at about 2 o’clock this morning. When I woke up to my husband SCREAMING… why? He had a leg cramp… ok, so I might have screamed from the initial shock of a leg cramp. What I would NOT have done was continue screaming for the next 5 minutes as I did nothing to work out said cramp, except scream and make sure the entire neighborhood, much less my house, was awake and aware I was hurting.

How do I know how I would react?? I have had leg cramps before. They are extremely common during pregnancy, and I have had 3 of those… I dealt with them. I don’t think I even woke  up the person sharing the bed with me over them…. much less the entire freaking house!! (I am not exagerating here.. he screamed till he woke everyone)

Why are men such babies?