As I near completion of my 10th dish cloth in 3 days, I realize that I am quickly going to run out of my stash of dishcloth cotton long before the mystery shawl Knit-A-Long that I am so eagerly awaiting begins. Then I will have no ‘mindless knitting’ projects left, to use as a break from the lace.

This means that I need to find something else to work on in the mean time.  As I was mentioning that I don’t want to work on the sweater that is half done and sitting on my desk, cause it is to a stage that I can no longer work in the round, one of the wonderful ladies in my local Stitch and Bitch group suggested I steek it.
This has possibilities… But the thought. of cutting. your. knitting… on purpose… *sigh* suck it up. I think I am going to do it.. now I just have to sit down and do the planning so that it will work out. Then I can get it off my project list.. and my desk.

Where did I put that original pattern??