I tried to call my husband while I was out today. Was gonna have him make sure dd2 had brushed out her hair, and was waiting for me, so I could just pick her up and take her to school. Unfortunately, there was something wrong with his phone, and I couldn’t get a hold of him… so I came home, got her ready and took her to school, dropping a comment about something being wrong with his phone (and knowing what it was, but not saying so) when he comments.. “it is dead” um… yeah, that is something wrong all right… but why is it dead??? Cause he can’t be bothered to plug it in till it is dead!! We have 2 cords in the house to plug the phone in… and he has a jack in his car, that he is in AT LEAST an hour a day, if he would just plug the phone in for his commute, it would never be dead, and would stay¬† fully charged (our phones charge really fast) but NOOO… that would be like… intelligent! *sigh* just frustrated with men who can’t do anything for themselves!