still not myself. Hubby keeps asking what is wrong and I keep telling him nothing, it is not worth the fight it would cause for me to tell him right now. He knows I am lying, but he isn’t willing to push it either..

Plus, 10 mins after he told me how worthless he thinks I am, he asked how I would feel if he took my truck for his Annual training, across the state, if we pick up a travel trailer between now and then, so he can take the trailer.. I told him i didn’t know… the whole time thinking.. “sure, leave me here with 3 kids, and a car I won’t get on the interstate with, cause it is not safe to have all 3 kids not in car seats on the interstate, for three fucking weeks, while you go party and drink beer with the assholes who treated you like shit for the year you were in Iraq with them. ”

Then he proceeded to tell me how wonderful the gifted program is, won’t hear that a gifted program varies by school, and looking at this schools history I am not holding my breath about how wonderful a gifted program may be. All he will tell me is to look it up my self. I have, the school website is shit. You can’t even get the monthly menu till a week into the month. I did email the principal for more information, not that I am likely to trust any information she gives me, I have caught her in lies twice in just 6 months.

I have decided I am not fit company for the general human population, so I am taking a short break from The Board, in hopes of getting a better attitude… Not holding my breath on that one, but at least I won’t be spreading my malaise.