I am feeling depressed, hurt that my husband feels I am such a worthless mother, and not to be trusted with my children, And that he is satisfied with the piss-poor standard of education in this hellhole. even more miserable about being trapped here.
Afraid that the local idea of gifted will be as much of a joke as their kindergarten. And that Angel will be required to stay late for it, and will feel it is punishment, and come to resent it.
Unsure what I should do next get a job, put two kids in daycare for someone else to raise, not to my standards of behavior. So that my children can be as rude and unmannered as the rest of the nation. Let sub-par schools give my children sub-par educations, and give up on doing more?
Right now I just want to hide and cry, I feel ashamed that I married a person who thinks so badly of me.

Guess I won’t be keeping my oldest home and teaching her here.. I am  just not to be trusted to see that she does the preplanned work that is laid out for her.