my knitters box, yes, I actually have a tool box that I keep all my knitters ‘tools’ in… my (large) collection of needles. stitch markers, holders, counters, needle sizers, measuring tapes. The list goes on.  I have decided to try to consolidate… get rid of the ones I don’t like, or just never use.

Ok, so I admit that I have an ulterior motive. I want new and the need money from these to get those. But the new I want are interchangeable, and will out date a lot of what I already have. Plus, they are MUCH better needles anyway.

And I NEVER use straight needles.. so why should I have 6-8 sets of them?? and I never use anything over an 8, so why keep the 13’s and 15’s around? see. I am sharing the knitting love here.

I am sure my husband wishes I would carry this theory over to a lot of other areas of our life, and do a lot of cleaning things out. I am just not ready yet, I have to work up to it.